Sonnet – FAITH



As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, the day of love, we tend to forget the crippling fear and heartbreaking depression that often accompanies love hand in hand as they stroll through our lives. Without this shade, this shadow that stalks our emotions, love would not be love.

The following sonnet is about love, all of love, about pain, unrequited emotion and the barriers we impose upon ourselves that inevitably push love from our fingertips and hearts.




A better man kept blind from light so fair,

In darkness hides my eyes, shaded from scorn.

The heart, a dam, bursts forth heavy to bare,

And my tongue forks, a lover’s words to mourn.


Save not in oath my soul as it is lost,

Faith slithers over rocks and through fingers.

Down into the cracks deep within the moss,

So that only God’s own faint scent lingers.


Lost in faith, lost in love, lone ship sinking.

My hope lays in those eyes that help me see.

For what beauty can open eyes blinking,

And what but her love can guide me be free.


I pray to what unknown let such love quell,

My demons spawned from within such hell


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