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S.Z. Telford has several published short stories to read in Verse Magazine, spanning many genres. Available at www.versemag.com.au or at a University of South Australia campus.

Telford is in his final year of study for a Bachelor of Creative Writing through the University of South Australia, is working on his first novel, a fantasy thriller tackling one of today’s most important social issues, and is expecting the release of more work to come.

About S.Z. Telford

Since he was a boy, having a passion for reading and writing, Telford traveled with great heroes and battled against tyrannical villains throughout his teenage years as he flipped page after page of novels from his bunk bed nestled in the north suburbia of South Australia.

His love of fantasy started when his father gave him a series of musty Dragonlance novels from the 80’s. The introduction to the world of Krynn and its inhabitants, from scaly, bloated dragons to frail, complex wizards, cast Telford in a spell of their own. Soon he was enthralled by all things to do with the sword and the staff… and dragons, of course.

Telford’s appetite for the “slightly explainable through science” fiction grew from the petri-dish of Star Wars novels and films, his early addiction to video games (Doom, Half-Life) and a healthy dose of Star Trek  and Red Dwarf marathons every six to eight months.

2017 marks the final year in Telford’s study for a Bachelor in Creative Writing and Performing Arts, after which he intends to begin Honors while creating stories that touch the heart and bring a smile to the lips… and a dragon or two.