Simon-Peter Telford


A poet, screenwriter, playwright and short story author. Simon-Peter Telford is currently studying Honours for Creative Writing at UniSA., his focus surrounding how identity and reality are manifested through mythology coming from his experiences of a catholic upbringing and leaving such when coming of age.

He is the editor for Verse Magazine, UniSA’s creative magazine and currently writing for audio theatre production New Wave Audio. Simon-Peter has seen his art grow from the flowery style of classical romanticism (which he still has a secret place in his heart reserved for) to a gritty realism that reflects his youth in Adelaide’s Northern Suburbs.

Common themes across his works include relationships, family, class disparity and self-identity.


Stepping into the live scene this year, Simon-Peter has recited his poetry and monologues at each Showpony event this year. His often booze lubricated performances have been received with great response by audiences.