The Writer’s Temple – Week Nine

Originally I based the research and idea of my artifact on “the colonization of a country by foreign invaders” however as I developed ideas I grew with the concept of the colonization happening a few hundred years before the setting of my novel. … More The Writer’s Temple – Week Nine

The Writer’s Temple – Week Six

This week we dived into mapping our minds and the benefits of following a string of thought. Mind-maps are a great way of flushing all those creative thoughts out onto a workable document. Often times mind-mapping can lead to more ideas and creative paths than you may have originally thought you had. The mind-map shown in this blog post is of The Valley. The Valley is the starting location for the novel I am currently working on and the home to Praesidicus, our protagonist introduced last week.  … More The Writer’s Temple – Week Six

The Writer’s Temple – Week 4

This week in class we discussed Aristotle’s views on Narrative. In his Poetics Aristotle holds character and action as the essential elements in story (Brown,   2009). Aristotle identifies three seperate elements to plot- the hamartia (the fault) the anagnorisis (the recognition) the peripeteia (the turn around) Aristotle breaks plot down into these three segments … More The Writer’s Temple – Week 4

The Writer’s Temple – Week Three

The Writer’s Temple The Writer’s Temple is a blog following my Creative Writing and Practice course through the University of South Australia, focusing on exercises, theories and assignments. Step inside the temple and open your mind to writing enlightenment (please take your shoes off).   Week Three Only a short blog entry this week. In … More The Writer’s Temple – Week Three